Ok so I’m new to this. Three years ago I became a mom and a year and a half later I became a mom again so now I’m blessed with two “angel” boys.

Don’t get me wrong I love my boys but I’m honest. These two drive me NUTS! The irony is I struggled having kids for 6 years. In that 6 years I envisioned me shopping with my boys who would sit perfectly still in their pram while I strolled around wearing stiletto heals and a fabulous outfit.

What actually happened is fairly decent tracksuits, takkies (anyone who knows me knows in the past I would not have been caught dead in takkies, but hey, I had to adapt), I just about manage to splash some foundation on my face and voilà, time to go shopping.

After the half hour we take to just get in my mummy van I battle to strap the boys in their car seats. Both of them have toys in their hands and of course they fight for the others’ toy. Our launch onto the road is accompanied by the beautiful wailings of two “cute” boys. I automatically turn the music volume up so that my sanity will survive the trip to the shops.

Once there I unleash my boys onto civilisation. The little one flirts with everyone fooling shoppers into thinking he is sweet. He then flashes them a smile and asks, ‘peetie pease’ and he almost always manages to get a sweety. Once that happens the big one starts crying for a sweet of his own. I’m forced into purchasing some more sugar but all in the name of peace.

I think the point I’m trying to make is, being a mother ain’t child’s play. It is the most mentally and physically draining job. But no  need to fret according to the wise ones this will get better in 10 to 20.


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