The pursuit of happiness

As this year draws to a close, so too I’m working towards a resolution of eradicating the crazy and embracing the peace.

This year has been particularly difficult for me, aside from our house being invaded by thugs and being held down with guns, my boys were sick a lot and these things can really take its toll on a person. I often find myself rushing from one manic chore/duty to the next and then when the day ends I’m completely knackered but something happened this weekend.

I was sitting on the beech with my kids and suddenly i stopped and noticed the waves, I smelt the salty air and noticed that my children were having fun. I realised that I hadn’t done this in ages and almost forgot what peace and contentment felt like. It was amazing. After about five minutes my kids started fighting and it was all over. It had been so long since I last felt like that and the reminder I experienced made me come to the realisation that I desperately need some peace and will be making a concerted effort for it.

So here’s to a year of happiness, laughter and just appreciating the little things.


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