A narcissistic view

Life can be tough, just dealing with everyday normal shizniz can bog one down but I’ve been talking to some people who deal with partners who are narcissistic and suffer from borderline personality disorder and wow, I thought motherhood was tough.

Living with someone who needs to berate you in order for them to feel good about themselves is just wrong but it’s an actual disease. So, is the ill person to blame or should the significant other be blamed for sticking around and waiting for the next verbal blow to come. I’m really not sure.

I’ve been grappling with this question all day because in the past it was all black and white for me. “If you’re being abused physically, verbally or mentally then get the hell out.” Or stay in the relationship and stop complaining. But what about the, “through sickness and health” bit? I suppose as I get older I get softer and the lines get blurred and you really are faced with different shades of grey.

The thing is, these abusive people don’t always start off that way. A trauma usually triggers it and then they need help, professionally and personally but at what expense?

I have no answers, just putting my thoughts out there. But I do hope that when things get dangerous the other person in the relationship will be strong enough to just get out.


One thought on “A narcissistic view

  1. Nazley says:

    The “sickness and health” leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, now I am not generalising but rarely its been practised by the male partner. Somewhere somehow the male species lost their true self, whether culturally or circumstantial.
    And i often wonder what the world would be like, if humans could feel, really feel what the next person feels.
    I salute partners who decide to stick it out and hope that eventually things will get better for them, it rarely does and yet there are the exceptional cases where a complete turn around happens, sadly due to the ill health or trauma to the guilty party.
    And as you say, when it get dangerous, get out!!!


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