A crappy situation

Back to the topic of motherhood.I apologise in advance, this is a gross one.

I’ve been knee deep in poo lately and I’m sad to say that I mean this in the literal sense. 

We recently took our kids to newlands baths and they were having a fantastic time. Then the little one runs in the jungle gyms direction and I follow him. He climbs up to the lookout post and once he gets there he slips and falls. He stands up and tells me kaka whilst rubbing his leg. To my dismay another child took a crap on the jungle gym and my son was lucky enough to slip in all that ish!

The first thing I did was choke back getting sick then I lifted him by his clean shoulders held him a distance from me and ran to the toilets. My cousin frantically pulled out wet wipe after wet wipe to try and clean him as best we could but the stench remained so I took him to the basin and covered his body in hand wash and rinsed him off.After successfully cleaning him I had had enough and just wanted to leave. 

We finally got to our home and I thought, finally, I can take a load off. I sit down and the same child parades past me holding his nappy in his hand. At first I thought, awe so cute then realised something is not right. On closer examination I realised he had made a number two and took the initiative to remove his nappy. Off to the bath and once again he was lathered up hand shower furiously erasing all trace of excrement.

After that I refused to exhale and relax because the minute I do that fate sneaks in and hands me another surprise. I’ve realised it’s best to just tread carefully and be prepared for anything. 


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