Discrimination: our biggest struggle

All the recent attacks on Islam has really angered me but the thing that angers me even more than the attacks is the silence from heads of states and people in leadership worldwide. 

Of course there are some organisations and governments that have spoken up and they can be applauded but what the hell Is going on? Islam has become the free for all attack religion and there are still some people who believe the ‘propaganda news’ that American and other news agencies are spewing. What happened to tolerance? Whether you believe in a God or not we should all be respecting each other instead of cultivating prejudice and hatred. 

My parents placed me in a church primary school, and Islamic high school from grade 8 to grade 10 and a Jewish school from grade 11 to grade 12. I would like to think their motivation was to build tolerance because that is what it did. 

Religion, race and culture should never be grounds to discriminate because ultimately we are all human and placed in this world to coexist and care for one another. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a way I can make a change and felt that for now i will be doing my best to rear my kids with as little to no prejudices as possible. This shit has to stop and hopefully the next generation will see the errors of their parents and not repeat it.


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